Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bon Voyage!

Well I'm sitting here in the midst of all the crazy packing madness that is my apartment and I can't believe I'm heading back again. It has been a crazy day of getting the dental supplies together and sending out last minute e-mails.. just in general getting everything ready for an awesome month back in Gambia.

I'll write more soon... perhaps on the plane when I get a chance to fully process and comprehend that I've been blessed enough to go back to this wonderful country once again.

For now, however, I couldn't be more excited!

Wish us a safe trip to Bwiam!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Looking up new ways to be innovative on the move!
Now I can post to Blogger via e-mail! 

So expect more postings in Africa once I can locate internet!

Megan Meyer
University of Minnesota School of Dentistry
Dental Therapy - Class President 2011

A Hand In Health

Special thanks to everyone who came out to our Fish Fry Send Off event!

We raised a bunch of money and had over 50 people come out to support us in our efforts!

We can't thank you enough!!
Hi Friends!

It has been forever since we've updated our blog site but as we being new adventures we're taking it up again as a way to communicate with you our new efforts on our second outreach mission to The Gambia!

Keep posted for tales of our volunteer work, updates on our dental and library projects and new happenings in The Gambia!!!

You can also follow us on Facebook at:

Or on Twitter!!!

Thanks for all your continued support!

T-minus 6 days until take off to Gambia!!
WIsh us luck!