Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Washington DC

Good News:

I recently met with the Ambassador of The Gambia, Ambassador Jallow in Washington DC and he was very supportive of the donations and work of  A Hand In Health. We are in the process of an official endorsement from him and will be posting updates on the website. We also discussed shipping options for the $35,000 of donated material so far. So keep your fingers crossed that we will have success with the new connections! It is in the works to hopefully meet the Minister of Health and he is rumored to have ideas and connections that can help us with shipping. 

Fox News is in the process of verifying our information and we expect to have a 30 second piece running about A Hand In Health for the entire month of July. We will be the featured charity for this month so keep your eyes pealed and spread the word!

Bad News:

My computer crashed yesterday and I lost everything on the hard drive. So unfortunately all my documents for A Hand In Health were lost. BUT everything is backed up... just not here in NYC. So I have lots of work ahead of me and was pleasantly reminded of the wonderful challenges that present themselves right before international travel. :)

Departure date is in T- 3 days so the next update will be from Africa!
Until then....

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Anth said...

i bet you learned how to back up stuff from chris.
and oooo i'll be looking out for the charity of the month thing. is this fox 9 or national?
i'm so looking forward to reading about everything on here!