Thursday, July 3, 2008

Muunoo Smile Clinic!

Good News in The Gambia!

So here's a quick update of our recent progress!

1. We had an announcement made over Gambian radio that our team would be at the Sulayman Junkung General Hospital and have been overwhelmed by the response! So far, we have treated almost 100 patients and are awaiting more come Monday!

2. We are currently in Kotu and tomorrow will be visiting Swedent Dental Clinic. We have implemented the first portion of our dental continuing education program and will be bringing Fatu and Caddy along with us to learn from the Sweedist dentists.

3. We are also very proud to have brought over the $8,500.00 worth of donated materials. I just found out that the clinic has been closed for almost 4 months because there was no anesthetic to treat patients. We brought 600 carpules and have already used almost 100.

4. While there are still many things to work on there is much hope. I'm more than happy with the ambition and drive these wonderful dental assistants possess and I can say with certainty that together we are really going to make a difference!

All for now... more to come.
N Ka Tale
(I'm going now)


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